Welcome to Direct Fitness In-Home Personal Training 
located in Central New Jersey  

Personal training in the comfort of your own home or local park with a certified personal trainer! 

Programs are designed for a workout specific to your goals and interests. Together we'll help you get the results you've been wanting. 

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One on One private In home Personal Training: 
$45-$70 per/session

Individual private customized workouts with a Personal Trainer. Save time and money with no gym membership fees or travel time incorporated into your daily schedule. The trainer comes to you, brings all the equipment and designs a routine based on your fitness levels and goals.

Training sessions last for 45 minutes.

Couple Training (Spouse/friends): 
$40-$45 per session each

Each client receives an individually customized routine specific to their goals during the training session. This option allows clients to train with a friend or partner even if you have different fitness levels or abilities. It will increase motivation, commitment and success.

Training sessions last for 60 minutes.

Small Group Training (3-5 clients): 
$120 per class

The training session incorporates a total body circuit designed to increase your fitness levels, tone up, lose weight, reduce body fat and improve your overall health. Routines are not individually customized but can be tailored to that of the group. This option saves money with a set price for the entire group and increases the competitive commitment of each client. 

Training sessions last 60 minutes.

Personal Training session with Julia at the parkJulia, personal training in the park at 90 acresJulia having fun out doors during a personal training session

Online Personal Training: 
$35-$40 per session 

Online Personal Training sessions are conducted via Skype or FaceTime  Once you have set up a free account your sessions are scheduled and conducted live online with your Personal Trainer. Training sessions are customized to your goals and environment and you can workout wherever you choose.  All you require is a laptop, computer or smart phone. As the trainer provide the equipment we will work with whatever you have. 

Training sessions last for 45 minutes.

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