Welcome to Direct Fitness an In-Home Personal Training company located in Central New Jersey  

With the help and support of our staff at Direct Fitness you'll get personal training in the comfort of your own home or local park. You'll get all the results without the commitment or expense of a gym/studio membership that you pay for even when you're not using it. Workouts are fun, challenging, convenient, private, affordable and completely safe. 

Imagine using the equipment you've already spent money. Well now you can! 
Your In-Home Personal Trainer will incorporate any fitness equipment you have available and teach you on how to use it in ways you never imagined.

Don't have any equipment? Not a problem! 
Everything you need for a workout is provided by your Direct Fitness Personal Trainer. Our staff come fully equipped with the latest tools to get you working up a sweat. Your trainer will bring everything from Stability balls and mats to Dumbbells and resistance bands, boxing gloves, medicine balls and everything in between.  

Personal Training session with Julia at the parkJulia, personal training in the park at 90 acresJulia having fun out doors during a personal training session

With Direct Fitness, you'll get a certified personal trainer who cares, a fun and challenging workout designed specifically for you and the results you've been looking for without having to leave home. Check out what our members have to say in the testimonial section. 

For a FREE Complimentary Personal Training Session with the best in-home trainers New Jersey has to offer, Contact Us at Direct Fitness today and let's get started!